How old are you?

Have you applied for social security benefits?


Are you currently out of full-time work for over 12 months? (Earning LESS THAN $1,000/mo)

Have you seen a Doctor in the last 6 months?

Do you currently have a disability attorney?

Briefly describe your medical condition:

step one
Do you qualify
for disability?

The first step in the Social Security application process is determining whether you are eligible to apply for SSDI or SSI benefits based on the qualification criteria and strict definition of disability provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

For detailed information on eligibility requirements and SSA definitions of disability, please contact us by completing a free disability evaluation.

step two
how to apply
for disability

You can submit your initial stage application for Social Security benefits to the SSA online, over the phone, or in person at your local SSA office. Unfortunately, due to the tremendous volume of applications received by the SSA, denial rates at this stage of application are well over 60%.

It is therefore advisable to familiarize yourself with the entire application process, organize medical records and other paperwork, and possibly even contact an attorney or disability advocate before submitting your initial application.

step three
If you are denied
your benefits?

If you are denied Social Security benefits, it isn't the end of the line. The Social Security application process has several built-in levels of appeal, any of which can overturn the initial decision and give you the benefits to which you are entitled.

For information on the options available to you if you are denied, and how to get help appealing your claim before the SSA, please contact us by completing a free disability evaulation.


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